Strolling through Barcelona

I’m glad I went to Barcelona. It was only a couple of days, less than a week, but it was great. It was then that I truly learnt that the best way to enjoy a place is to experience it as the locals do (with a few touristy things). My friends and I went during the beginning of summer, early May, to visit another friend of ours who chose Spain for their Placement year.

At first glance, after taking a shuttle bus from the airport, it reminded me of London. To me the streets looked similar; the buildings looked similar, even the food shops looked similar. However, there was the obvious difference; it was Spanish.


We began our journey through the city by finding an authentic Catalonian restaurant, which was reasonably priced, and then spent the rest of the evening strolling through the city (Barcelona is a really nice city to walk through) to end up at the centre with the lights and water show. It was amazing.


Ciutadella Park

Damn, you should see this

The next day, after a night filled with alcohol and loud music, we took a quick train journey to a place that looked like something out of a Greek Mythology film set – the sun’s light made everything around even more golden than they already were. The water was the colour of emeralds.


The ground cushioned our steps, and welcomed us farther in, alluring us into the beauty that was Barcelona. Atop the renewed castle-like structure, were the golden statues besides the cascade fountain – the Quadriga Statue.

Looking down from the highest peak of the building (which was free to visit by the way), I saw a vision of emerald-green water surrounded by majestic winged Pegasus.  It was as if Orion aligned to influence the magnificent architects.





Bunkers Del Carmel – A view of the whole city

The confidence is a façade – I was so scared

A visit to the mountain (which I highly recommend) was when my faith (and heart) were put to the test. Getting to the mountain (or El Camel), was easy; a 10 min train ride and a 20 min bus journey. The view from the Bunkers gives one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the entire city (and scary). Many visitors edge to the corner of the cliffs and let their legs swing, but damn that scary, almost as scary as my first time snowboarding. From the top (depending on how high you wish to go) you can see almost all sides of the city, in full view (Barcelona doesn’t have a whole lot skyscrapers, so the sight is pretty clear and uncluttered).


Lost in a Labyrinth

Get lost in the labyrinth

At the north edge of the city, sits Parc del Laberint (translates to Labyrinth park – pretty self-explanatory). Here lies a labyrinth to get lost in (and not be moved to tears like one or two of my group).   It’s a nice place outside another castle to spend some time. It’s a little world away from the rest of the world, a place to explore and be separate from the rest of the city.



La Bouqueria

Market Yo

No trip is ever complete without attempting to indulge in some good food, and for that exact purpose, we visited La Bougeria (which translates to what it is – a market).

Sweets disguised as fruits

Like most things in Barcelona, the first thing you will notice is how colourful everything is. It really was colourful. The market had everything, and many sweet things. From fruits, fish, sweets, sugar-coated fruits, to sweets disguised as fruits.

Chocolate Mania

To those with a sweet tooth (like myself), you will find your hearts desires at this market.




Lauryn Hill on the beach

I don’t think Barcelona would have been as memorable as it was, if the following didn’t happen. On one of the days before we all left back to whatever country (or home) we decided to do our placement year, we decided to go to the beach after a fancy (-ish) lunch. It was a nice time to go, as the sun wasn’t as hot as it was earlier in the day. In addition, as I’m black, I don’t need to sunbathe (lol). I remember clearly, the music in the background, the passing voices and the hard grains of the sand.

I stared up at the dimming sky as Lauryn Hill played in the background (Everything is everything & Ex-Factor), as I played with the cotton cloth, beneath me, between my fingers. The air was so still, yet it was cooling and calm. I remember thinking to myself “I want to always be like this”. Time stretched, or at least I wish it did, it felt like it did. I was at peace, total and complete peace. My friends and I simply laid and enjoyed the scene as the clouds moved and were shaped by a force that was greater than we were. I don’t know what it was, but that was perfect.

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