We are constantly moving, changing, shifting from one shape into another. Morphing ourselves and the world around us to fit the image which we wish. It is a constant flow. Rarely do we take time to be still, stagnant, the opposite of movement, immobile, incapable of movement. Yet, stillness does not mean we are still. Our cells, bodies and minds vibrates at frequencies …

Bad Heart

I went to the Caribbean and fell for a sea mermaid.
Her skin was clear and smooth like pearls.
It was not her light that drew me,
but the darkness that I dwell.
I hate the term “love”, because it means that it was the dark place that I fell.
And from me that I leaked like a well.



I shave my head like it was tomorrow,
looking back on my old self,
off with my old look.

So I set myself a fresh look.
The new hair is the new you,
so the shaven head is the hair of no more
like the past long gone,
like yesterday