kaboompics_Wooden cabin in a forest

It was like any other cold summer’s night. It was at that time between dusk and dawn, far after the sun had set. We went to the cabin like any other time. How I wished it was like any other time. How I wish that my brain didn’t try to delude me from the truth – its own way of easing the pain. I’m not really sure if it’s pain that I feel anymore, more of a lack of it; a numbing sensation, an emptiness.

She had a such a pretty smile, she was so beautiful. They both were, beautiful that is. I wasn’t. I’m not. I was never beautiful like them. I wasn’t even the nice one. They were, and they were kind, possibly the kindest I’ve had the pleasure to meet. The cabin was slightly warmer than the outside, possible from the still freshly burnt out wood. So we refilled the fireplace to make it more comfortable. The thing is, I don’t think anyone knew about the cabin, except from us. ¬†Heck no one else visited besides us in the past 3 months that I knew them, so we found it a bit strange. But we paid no more attention to it.

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