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Dear young me…

Dear Young me,

You’re now 19 and decided to go far away from everyone that you know and start a new leaf. Don’t worry; the friends who are meant to stay around will stay, others, well, it’s best to say that life gets in the way. Right now, I know it’s scary, you’re completely alone for the first time in your life, but that was why you did it, wasn’t it?

You wanted to conquer your fear head on – it pays off.


Objectively, Life is beautiful. Subjectively, well that’s a whole other struggle.

Make today awesome

6 Lessons learned in 6 month in first job out of Uni

My last post, I wrote about being (one of) the only black dudes in my office. This week I wanna focus on something else. About a week ago, it was my six months mark.

I can’t believe how fast time is moving. When I was travelling on my year out of uni, I practically had no sense of time. Time did not constrain me. I booked flight when I wanted, and returned when I wanted (as long as it didn’t make my bank account bleed too much). Now that I am working, I think about time almost all the time.

in the middle of nowhere

Cotswolds – Into the woods

Typical horror story

I peered outside into the murky darkness. My heart jumped to my throat to the sudden sound of footsteps. I reclined back into the cabin in the woods, with the music from the Bluetooth speakers playing in the background. My head jerked to the sudden…

The confidence is a facade - I was so scared

Thoughts of Summer – Barcelona

As the season change, from frost to rainy Spring, here in England, we look forward and hope for the sun. We long for Summer so that we can hear our shades, slobber some sunscreen (black people should need sun protection, too) and get out in the street. With that regard, I thought it was appropriate to post a gallery of some sunny streams in Barcelona, in addition to my previous post.

social media

Dates in the 21st Century – or rather the age of Social Media

I’ve been thinking lately (I do this a lot) about the outburst of technology and the trajectory of technology in the past twenty years. Technology has grown to become such great parts of our everyday lives that some people believe they cannot live without it. In the past hundred years, I believe that the last two or three decades has probably seen the most growth in technology advancement. Things which were only imaginable and classed as Sci-Fi, are turning into reality before our very own eyes.

things which were only imaginable and classed as Sci-Fi, are turning into reality before our very own eyes