Summer is heating up, both in temperature and in schedule. In TV land there’s a big list of potential big hits and returning hits, this summer.  Orange is the new black’s latest season was released earlier this month. Later this month Power and Preacher will be on TV screens. So, yes, summer is sure to heat up our TV (and laptop) screens.

To add to that list, Issa Rae’s big hit HBO show Insure released a teaser a week or so back. Simply from the 50 seconds clip, things look hella complicated. Issa Rae, the writer and producer of the show, started on YouTube. If you spend time on YouTube watching crowd, there’s a chance you’ve heard of the web series Award black girl.

Awkward black girl narrates through Issa’s life, through work, friendship, love life and a whole bunch of awkward situations. During Issa’s time at Standford university, the web series became a hit. Running off the success of the awkward black girl series, Issa created and wrote a list of other web series with a predominantly black cast in a wide range of roles. Most of the shows are quite comedic as well, so check her YouTube out.

After the successful YouTube career, she landed HBO.  During the summer of 2016, HBO released season of Insure. A year later, the thirty-two year old got the green light and released the teaser for season 2.

Season of Insecure focused a lot on the relationship between Issa and her best friend, who like many, are finding that life didn’t play out as planned.

For those who may not have watched the first season, catch it on Amazon prime. I highly recommend.

Disclaimer: contains nudity

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