Game of thrones (GOT) season 7 recently came to an end, so let start by clearly stating I am pissed. I am P I S S ED. We waited 6 seasons for winter to come and first glimpse of it was only provided us with 7 episodes. We watched 53 episodes, approximately 2915 hours, and that is not even including those that have read the books.  Apparently the next season is even less.

How does that even make sense?

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It’s almost insulting. We’ve dedicated so much of our lives and personal time to the characters that this George R.R Martin has created and gone through a mixture of emotions as we saw these characters on-screen.

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From the very beginning of Game of Thrones, during the first scene of the first episode, we cringed a little.  We all tapped into our inner sadist as we watched King Joffery’s convulsions as his eyes turned red and bled out. For most of us, there was a tiny smirk on our lips as we tried to conceal our joy. For others, there was no need to hide,  as they stood and applauded the scene.

Yet, after all that we’re only getting only two seasons of the “longest winter”. How is that even possible?

The Problem

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The problem was, is, the fact that up to the end of season 6, audiences no longer knew what to expect. They could no longer search the internet for a clue for what could happen next. They couldn’t search for clues to explain unexplained theories, because, the TV series had caught up with the books. The only ones that knew what was going to happen next was George R.R Martin and the producers and Writers of the hit HBO series. Those are not necessarily issues.

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With that said, it meant that HBO was not going to keep to the book to a T. Why? Well, simply because it costs the studio money and time. The books contain a lot of words, a whole lot of words. With the amount of detail in the books, I doubt the creators of the show had the time and resources to follow and show every detail written in the books. Also, things in written are not always displayed well…they look better in our minds.

Furthermore, George R.R Martin and HBO still wants fans to buy the books. Cutting parts out of the original source is common when books are adapted (not always executed well). In this season, however, they may have tried to cut it down too much, which in turn disengaged audiences (but it was still good). It also means that we have to wait another year for another six or seven episodes and that would be the end of the beloved show.

Game of thrones dragon

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