My faith was tested with the hermit-like artist last year. When the album dropped last year, 2016, everyone was buzzing. I was buzzing. It had been 5 years since any Frank Ocean fan heard something original from the Nostalgia Ultra artist.

Disappointing Album

However, when I did listen to the album, I was utterly disappointed. Out of the two versions  that he released, I only like about 3 songs. In comparison to his debut album, Chanel Orange (2012), I liked 70% of the songs. I continue to listen the album five years later.

Fortunately, Frank recently dropped a new song, Chanel (as in the luxury designer). I’m glad to say that my faith has been fully restored. The song is on repeat. This has only made me realise that, like all artist, their art is not always understood and received well. And well, you may not like all the work that an artist produces. Frank Ocean is more than just a singer/songwriter/musician, he is a story-teller, and creates art from his stories.

Maybe the formula that works for him, may not work for everyone else, and vice-versa. Maybe he should keep on releasing singles and EPs, rather full albums (although Channel Orange was dope).

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