Oh my gosh, Oh my days. Have any of you seen this? Is this real? I think I had a full fanboy moment when I saw this. Like for real. If your read my previous post, you’ll probably know that I’m a big fan of the superhero sci-fi/fantasy genre. However, Black Panther is on a whole other level, for many reasons.

Hero. Legend. King. …..Long live the King.

As I previously stated, I didn’t really get many black superheroes in my childhood. With the exception of John Stewart as the second or third earth Green Lantern and Storm from the X-Men, many black superheroes that were in TV shows or films – had ‘Black’ in front of their name. I’m not sure if it was a lack of creativity on creators and writers side, but a lot of the times, it looked like it was simply there to remind people that characters were black.


Black Panther, however, name I always deserved the ‘black’ in front – in a natural way. It’s simple, really. Panthers are, well, black. So Black Panther was really what I embodied.


Like I said, The Black Panther movie is amazing for many reasons.


There are so many great black actors in just the trailer alone, that are not playing stereotypical roles


it shows black royalty in Africa (unlike God’s of Egypt’s almost full Caucasian cast …based in Africa thousands of years ago. – By the way Boseman plays the Egyptian God of Wisdom in that one.)


It is the first standalone black lead superheroes movie in the past decade, maybe two….actually I’m not sure if there is any that is not cartoon (other than Blade…he’s not really a ‘super’ hero, not in my eyes).



I do hope the film delivers, because millions of others, I’m already hooked and ready watch. I predict it’s going to be a blockbuster.

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