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Dear Young me,

You’re now 19 and decided to go far away from everyone that you know and start a new leaf. Don’t worry; the friends who are meant to stay around will stay, others, well, it’s best to say that life gets in the way. Right now, I know it’s scary, you’re completely alone for the first time in your life, but that was why you did it, wasn’t it?

You wanted to conquer your fear head on – it pays off.

I would also like to say congrats. Nearly all the things you said at 17 that you would do throughout university, you actually did. It may not have played out exactly as you wished, but it happened. You know that placement year that you said you would do, but not many believe you in sixth form, you did it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t America, it was Germany, but it was great. Also, you learned German and got close with some American dude.

Ha, I just realised the way that fate played with you. However, don’t worry about it, because you ended going to America at the end of Uni and it was amazing.

My biggest advice to you now is to realise that nothing last forever. Unfortunately, the same applies to the good as well as the bad. Any pain or doubt that you have now about life, it will fade. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out life yet, so I can’t really give deep insights. However, I can say that so far, you’re not doing badly. Within those years at university, you end making a good bunch of friends (even if they’re annoying at times) and get to experience so much.

I guess I should say something cliché: “it gets better”.

In a few years, you will start a blog that people actually read, but not all of them are your friends, and you will complete a big goal of yours. Therefore, I guess I should say something cliché: “it gets better”.

Anyway, my last words for you is to treasure your friends, especially the good ones.  Treat your family better and learn forgiveness (we’re still struggling with this one). And finally, just chill, man.

In addition, stop comparing your sixth form friends to your university friends, you’ll learn why – the physical distance of placement year will help you differentiate between the associates and the friends.

Finally, stop being lazy – if you work hard, you will get further than the current you.

P.S working ages you.

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