Bali is one o those places that will have something for almost anyone that visits. With each day, comes new things to do. Unless you plan to stay there for months, you’re probably going to think there’s not enough time. If you’re lucky enough to live near, like in Australia or New Zealand, then you’re probably going to visit many times. 

“A person does not grow from the ground like a vine or a tree, one is not part of a plot of land. Mankind has legs so it can wander.”
― Roman PayneThe Wanderess

Breakfast at Bridges Bali

Sunnside up

As usual, started the day right with a healthy breakfast. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, most meals in Bali are pretty healthy. So if you’re calorie conscious, or health-conscious, or on a the next healthy eating craze, you’re very likely to find something for you in Bali. Also, most things are organically grown and homemade, even in the larger restaurant chains (there aren’t many).


Lunch at Cafe Angsa

Lunch overlooking a rice field

Had a lovely lunch at Cafe Angsa, a nice quaint restaurant/cafe on of the side roads in Ubud. The whole vibe here was great. I overlooked a large scenic rice-field as I enjoyed my meal. Along, with yoga studios and surfers, there’s definitely a food scene in Bali.

Scenic Lunch


Sacred Monkey forest 

I’m sure that no matter who you ask about things to do in Ubud, the monkey forest  will come up. Out of the many things to do, it’s just one of those things that needs to be visited, like the art market.


The sacred monkey forest is a great time pleaser, offering scenic gardens, mini jungles, rivers, all enclosed to one side of the small town of Ubud.  Out of the many things to do in Bali, the Sacred Monkey forest is one that will continuously come up in many list.

If you’d like some to relax during your excursion, you can relax by the swings and simply enjoy nature in its finest.

Lost in the Jungle

After about two hours in the Sacred Monkey forest, I took a stroll to the small massage parlour for a traditional Balinese massage that lasted about 45 min for about £10. Again, I’ll recommend getting a massage after a long day, or the start of the day, whichever suits your schedule.

Unplanned Events

Unfortunately, the rest of day didn’t go plan. The plan was to visit the Elephant cave, but a little slip left me flat on my face, which, made me dizzy and had to be taken to a clinic…embarrassingly. It all happened so fast. One minute I slipped off the side of road, then I was dizzy. I sat down as my head spun. Next thing I knew I was being carried across the street, dropped on a medical bed (shout out to my friend at Ubud care),  was given an oxygen mask. It was almost a perfect location for me to pass out, which was directly opposite the clinic. The clinic was not planned to open until the next day, so I provided a practice run. The Dr.s and nurses were such kind people and asked for nothing in return .

I returned to the villa and had dinner at Waring Kopi.

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