It has been just over two months since my return from Bali, and am still surprised and proud of myself for going solo. I am going to finish the Bali series soon, so that I can focus on other things as well. In just under a week, I’ll be flying out again to do some volunteering (read about it here.) Truth is, even though time moves fast, I still think a lot about my time in Bali a lot – even if some of the memories tries to fade.

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

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Started the day with a heavy breakfast before I packed my bags and jumped on taxi. I recommend the Grab app, which is equivalent to Indonesia’s Uber but you pay cash(Uber does exist as well). It’s best for long and short journeys as it offers a fraction to the prices you’ll get if you took a local taxi.

Caution: it is not allowed in many places.



Ubud Traditional Market

Dragon fruit gelato- Courtesy of me

It is said that if you’re ever in Ubud, you should take some time to stroll through the traditional art market – I agree. The people are so talented. They’re artists in the purest form. Art is very prominent in Balinese culture, but Ubud stands at the heart of it. Also, if you wish to buy anything you see, make sure to go with your bargain hat. The Balinese people love to bargain. I think there’s a joy to haggling. To get the best deal, you must always reject whatever they offer first. And the second. Maybe even the third.

One of the many art shops


Ubud Palace


Unfrotuantely, when I was in Bali, the Ubud Palace was under construnction – so there were a lot of restricted areas. I belive it has been under construction for a while. Fortunately, it’s free to enter and explore the compound. As Ubud is pretty small, it means you can walk to most places. The Ubud Palace lies at the centre of town, with easy access to most other things, regardless of where you stay.

Puri Lukisan museum

After spending a few hours in the compound and museum (which was huge), I was lucky enough to make some friend with some people who were also from Britain.



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