Looking back, the freedom to travel and do what I wanted was great. Just as I stated in my previous post, I wasn’t restrained to another person’s opinion.

Not all who wonder are lost –  J.R.R. Tolkien

Like the previous day, I arranged my day at the start of the day. After a day of exploring little ol’ Seminyak, I thought it was about time to explore another town on the island of Bali. After spending some time researching, I decided it was time to head further south of island, farther than Kuta.

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Healthiest meal in the world

Like any other day, I started with a healthy breakfast and then jumped into pool. In Indonesia, having fresh fruit is common, and ample. I recommend some homemade muesli with chocolate and dragon fruit. I think dragon fruit may be their national fruit as they have an ample amount of it. Because the pool was so close to the breakfast, I could easily jump into the pool.


Lunch at Honey Bees

Chicken Satay

I really enjoyed my meal at Honey bees. Like most restaurants in Seminyak, I felt that the low-key restaurants tasted a whole lot better than the fancier kind. Not only could you enjoy a three course meal for under 100k IDR, they tasted great as well.


Uluwatu Temple

With the morning and early half of the afternoon gone, I jumped on a scooter and rode all the way down to Uluwatu. Uluwatu temple is one of the largest on the island, and the place that is recommended for the popular Kecak dance. Entrance is also reasonable of 30k IDR.

Some of the best views

The views from the cliff are some of the best you’ll find. I could literally stand and watch the sea and everything around for hours. The sea clashed behind far below temples and wandering monkeys.

A view from the cliff


Kecak Fire Dance

A ring of fire

Around 6PM, we (my new friends and I) followed the crowd to a different section in the compound, where we’ll have the chance to watch the famous Kecak fire dance. It is a dance that told a story about two hindu deities (they called them avatars), and the only instruments used were the voices of the men that sat in a circle, overlooking the sunset in the background.

Keindahan dalam keragaman – Beauty in diversity.


Two of deities


Before the show started, the host greeted us.  “Namasstay,” the man said, turning to the crowd, “my friends from India.” The crowd echoed a reply. He scanned the crowd again and said, “Kom ban wa, friends from Japan.” Again, the Japanese from the crowd responded. He smiled. “Ni hoa ma,” he finally said. “Keindahan dalam keragaman” he said bringing the mic to his mouth and searching the crowd for any reaction, “Beauty in diversity,” he quickly translated.



  • the dance starts at 6PM and lasts about an hour – 100k IDR entrance.
  • Plan ahead for transport. Unlike me that went on a whim, it is definitely important that you plan ahead as there are not many taxis around when the show finishes, and the few that are around will charge high.
  • be prepared to haggle down the price of taxi.
  • enjoy it!

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