It’s nearly been a week since I returned from Bali, and boy do I miss it. I miss the people, the friends I made, and most importantly, the food. Following this post, I’ll add a few more to a the series of A Day in Bali, where I’ll point out my daily itinerary, and end the series with a guide to Bali for future visitors.

“I was forced to wander, having no one, forced by my nature to keep wandering because wandering was the only thing that I believed in, and the only thing that believed in me.”
Roman Payne



A view from the pool

I woke to a blue sky, above a red horizon. It was 5AM when I awoke, far earlier than I would wake on a weekend. What more can you expect? I slept through most of the thirteen and a half hour flight into Jakarta and then another hour and half into Bali.

Even before arriving in Indonesia, I learnt something about the Indonesians. They are a polite people, and feeders. They feed you a lot. Like a lot. Although most of the meals were healthy, so you won’t be getting fat. However, for me, I feel that may differ with the amount I ate.

Life started early. By 6AM, the sun was up, risen above the horizon. By the looks of it, it wasn’t going to be too hot, but humid.

Out of the bedroom window, I looked down to the pool and farther out; the town’s square, already preparing to start business.



A good start to the day

I start the day with a healthy meal, provided by the Villa I stayed at and then I went for a swim and the sun was already out. Due to the fact that I felt the bed late, it meant it was already afternoon by the time I ate and swam.



Petitenget Temple

A view from the outside

With the many temples that Seminyak had to offer, I chose the closest one to the town centre and easy to get to. Petitenget Temple is a small temple about ten minute walk from the centre of town. Like most places in Seminyak, it’s somewhere off the main road that curves through the town. I was charged 50k IDR, and was given a sharong to wrap around my waist.


Lunch at Vin Seminyak



Seminyak Square

Shopping in Seminyak

After filling up, I headed into the town centre, Seminyak Square. For those who are in need for some retail therapy, the shops in the Seminyak Village shopping mall will sure meet their needs. For me, it was mostly window shopping.



Dinner at Potato Head

Had dinner at Potato head with a beach view. Prices at Potato head are probably one of the more expensive places in town, but that is basically Seminyak.


Drinks at Woo Bar

A view of Woo Bar

Before I headed back to the villa for the day, I ended up at Woo Bar for a few drinks with some people that I met, overlooking more of the Indian ocean.


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