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I’ve been thinking lately (I do this a lot) about the outburst of technology and the trajectory of technology in the past twenty years. Technology has grown to become such great parts of our everyday lives that some people believe they cannot live without it. In the past hundred years, I believe that the last two or three decades has probably seen the most growth in technology advancement. Things which were only imaginable and classed as Sci-Fi, are turning into reality before our very own eyes.

things which were only imaginable and classed as Sci-Fi, are turning into reality before our very own eyes

I and many others, exist in a funny place in time, a place which draws a lot of things from the Old but grew up with the new. Us 90’s babies have been regarded, by sociologists and anthropologists, as generation X AKA generation XY AKA  Millennials AKA The worst generation (I laugh at the last part). The confusion and misunderstanding arose, I think, because we grew up a at time where the thought HD TVs were only seen in things like Star Trek along with their smartphones and Bluetooth devices.

generation X AKA generation XY AKA  Millennials AKA The Worst Generation (I laugh at the last part).

Rotary phones

We grew up with rotary phones in our houses or ones with big chunky buttons that you needed to muster some form of strength to dial (we had a red rotary phone in our house).We grew up at a time where having more than a hundred TV channels was cool, on our chunky televisions with a bigger behinds than Beyoncé, Serena Williams and J-Lo combined.

Cassettes were used to watch films (intended for the younger generation)

Oh and cassettes, we used cassettes.  So yes, there were a lot things that were cool, which our younger siblings, born in the twenty-first century, would find odd. Oh, we also listened to the radio a lot more with the silver metal aerial – which was far cooler in our parents’ generation.

The point is, there were a lot of the Old in our early youth. By the time we made it into secondary school in the early 2000s, technology had begun to boom. Big phones were out and small phones were in. The smaller the better.

Computers before P90X

Computers were in our schools. Not the computers we had in our homes few years back, but the ones that went on a diet.

Computers after intense diet

As we grew older, emotional growth included, in secondary school, technology advanced along with us. We all had mobile phones. iPhones were the thing, and then it was blackberries (I hated them so much), and then Android made its debut. As we grew into adulthood, technology was all around us, it breathed with us; it was sentient.


With technology so embedded in our everyday lives, came another use, a sudden rise: social media

With technology so embedded in our everyday lives, came another use, a sudden rise: social media – a medium used to connect people, even if you live halfway across the globe. Discussing the effectiveness of this, or how sociable it actually makes people will have to be another post. My focus, as the title states, is the rise of online dating. About everyday you see an advert for online dating, and how well they work, and finding that ‘perfect’ someone.
I’ve never been very versed in the world of dating, that I can admit. Heck, I’m not sure I can tell you the first thing about a good date, or a good date spot or what makes a good first date. When I was younger, in secondary school and in sixth form, I thought a date was going to the cinema or restaurant (Nando’s) with a girl that I liked. However, in my second year of university, two of my female friends told me that those cannot be classed as dates, as dates required verbal confirmation and a classy environment. So from then on I never thought of those occasions as dates, although I can’t be sure if they’re right or were simply bougie.

So now that I am at that age where dating is supposed to be a commonality, it is not. I’ve been in like five relationships, all less than a year and a half. With the emergence of social dating apps like Tinder, Love cupid and so on and so forth, I think the term ‘dating’ has become extremely loose and difficult to actually do. So for the individuals who prefer old school ways of meeting people, like myself, we are found lost in a world of confusion. These apps may have been designed to find love, but more and more, they’re becoming a place to find a physical form of love. Now, I’m not dissing anyone or saying that one cannot find both physical pleasure and emotional pleasure through these apps.  However, I do believe that there is a reason why divorce has become more and more common, and it’s taking people, in general, a lot longer to find their life partners.


Love is harder to find because sex has become so easy to get.

That reason, in my opinion, all boils down to something simple: love is harder to find because sex has become so easy to get. Then again this is coming from someone who has very little experience with using these apps.
I would love to hear from others, especially those who  have had great experience with these sort of apps.

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