Overall Feel



  • Introduce none popular xmen characters
  • Includes original X-men themes


  • Repetitive

Fox adds The Gifted to list of Marvel shows. This past year, 2017 had definitely been the year that marvel has decided to pump as many stories into its cinematic universe, all in preparation for stage five: Infinity wars. To truly do this, it has partnered with many production companies, studios and TV stations to bring many characters to life, in cinemas, silver screens and online. Some has been great, some…. Marvel hoped that the delivery would be accepted, but I doubt that.

Marvel Shows

Rise Polaris (Courtesy of Fox)

The autumn of 2017 schedule has seen two new shows, both on TV and around the same time. Thankfully, both has been quite different. On one hand, there’s an over dramatised, bad CGI attempt to create superpowers monarchs to what Marvel’s Agents of shield did much better -Inhumans (that’s a whole other post). And on the other side is a little bit more tamed with some reasonably good acting, storytelling and overall atmosphere.

Injustice for being different

Shatter from the Morlocks (Courtesy of Fox)

The gifted goes back to the original themes of which the X-men focused on, which was injustice and prejudice towards people that were guilty simply because they were different. Throughout the show, it laces hints of the subject matters which it’s trying to tackle whilst keeping true to its storytelling. Although it’s on CW, it doesn’t shy away from showing a darker side to some of the characters darker backstories.

Fighting back (Courtesy of Fox)

The show itself is not the worst. It’s not as good as FX’s Legion, but it is better than Inhumans. However, it is sometimes repetitive.

Family Matters (Courtesy of Fox)

It usually goes like:

“Everything is kind of alright. Everything is not alright. Oh no something bad just happened –  we have to use our powers to save the day.  And, Oh I can’t really control my powers because you know, I’m like emotional. Actually I’m fine now, let me save the day The day is saved, cliffhanger”

Blink (Courtesy of Fox)

Viewers are too drawn into the characters to notice the drawn-out scenes.  With only a few episodes out, the show looks like it’s on the right path. The show is expected to be renewed.

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