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Is anyone else as excited for Marvel’s Defenders as I am? No? Then maybe that needs to change. Seriously, the editors did a great job. I’m hooked. I’m hooked like a fish out of sea. To prove my dedication, I’ve added the release date to my calendar. That is exactly how hooked I am. I just hope I have enough time.

Did I mention I was excited?

For the less nerdy bunch, Marvel’s Defenders is another show coming from comic books. The protagonists are a bunch of some very-hero-like characters from New York. The show will premiere on Netflix like the rest of the main characters that makes the team. This will include Daredevil (the devil of Hell’s Kitchen’ ), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage & Iron fist.

Personally, the last was definitely the least. With Iron fist the last to join the already strong trio, I expected a lot more from the Marvel/Netflix collaboration.


Source: Netflix

For many, when Daredevil debuted, it delivered. Daredevil had some of the best fight scenes on TV, period. The show not only delivered with its great action scenes, but also with its story line. It had an immersive story line that drew the audience in, even for the villains.

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In the mad and wonderful world of Marvel cinematics, Daredevil’s first season acted as the groundwork. With the addition of Jessica Jones to that mix, came the added science fiction. Jessica Jones also dealt with some major mature themes.  The show brought the underlying science fiction to the front, without the flashiness of bigger budget films. Just like Daredevil, they kept speaking about  ‘the incident’. The ‘Incident’ was clearly code for The Avengers battle of New York, the home for the Defenders.

I assume that the writers and Marvel purposefully kept it ambiguous so that they had enough leeway to change the story slightly without actually messing with the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. The further the MSU expands, the more vital it is that they keep the relation to “the incident” as loose as possible. Marvel’s Agents of Shield does this well. Agents of Shield usually talk about things going on in the MSU without straying too far from their own storyboard.

Source: Netflix

Before the last Defender joined the Netflix team, Luke Cage came, which added to the magic and superpowers, like Jessica Jones. The surprising breakout character was one that I don’t think anyone expected. She has acted as the standpoint character among the different titular characters. Personally, I didn’t read a lot of the comics, but I did watch the Daredevil and Spiderman cartoons. The Night Nurse had no name, other than her title. Her only significance was being friends to heroes like Spiderman and Daredevil and Luke Cake (but there wasn’t a Luke Cage cartoon when I was growing up) .

However it seemed like the writers have decided to combine two minor characters to create a major characters. For people like me who didn’t read the comics, I think they merged well, others will disagree. However, Claire Temple has appeared in all of the characters individual shows and as it appears from the trailer, she’s going to be the one to bring all of them back together.

Oh, by it seems like Electra is back.

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