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9 Places You can Travel in December

December is here and moving fast. Christmas may be around the corner, but that doesn’t have to be a reason to stop from somewhere nice. For some of us, travelling away in December can a perfect Christmas getaway before the new years. For others it’s the perfect getaway before the businesses of Christmas, and work parties and the such. whatever your reason, there’s somewhere out there for you to visit as you escape the winter chill.

Day 5 in Bali – Chill through the jungle

Bali is the only place in southeast Asia that I’ve visited – first of many.  It’s become a popular tourist destination since the release of the book “Eat, Pray, Love” and even more popular when Julia Roberts played the protagonist of the film of the same name. It’s no surprise that I fell in love with the place, filled with art, innate beauty and delicious food. With lush beaches, picturesque landscapes, lovely people and paddles of rice-fields, I didn’t struggle to find something to do on any of the days.

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8 travel apps for smoother travelling

Travelling to another country can be difficult sometimes, or plain right complicated. This is even more true when you travel to a country where you don’t speak the same tongue. Luckily technology has come a long way in making the whole process easier. There literally thousands of apps, possibly hundred of thousands, that aims to help make planning travelling easier as well as speaking to others that speak a different language. Here’s a list of our favourite apps that makes travelling so much easier.

Ukraine Volunteering – Photo diary

I had a great time when I was volunteering in Ukraine. When I posed of my time in Ukraine, I think it was very clear I had a good time. I volunteered with kids to enhance their English skills, particularity, conversational English. What made the experience so memorable was the fact that it wasn’t just lessons, or lectures. It was fully immersive and interactive. On to of that I was able to explore many different areas of Ukraine, from big cities like Kiev to smaller rural towns. 

Car in Ukraine- Enigmaticblacbird

The Summer I spent in Ukraine

Home away from Home

I’ve always thought that the home was special. It is a sacred place. This is the same in many cultures across the globe. In the home, you are at your best, yet the most fragile. When I got the news that I will be staying with a host family in Ukraine, I must admit, I was a bit scared. Travelling to a strange land was one thing, but to also stay with strangers, was a whole other thing.


Day 3 in Bali – Welcome to Ubud

It has been just over two months since my return from Bali, and am still surprised and proud of myself for going solo. I am going to finish the Bali series soon, so that I can focus on other things as well. In just under a week, I’ll be flying out again to do some volunteering (read about it here.) Truth is, even though time moves fast, I still think a lot about my time in Bali a lot – even if some of the memories tries to fade.