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Travelling to another country can be difficult sometimes, or plain right complicated. This is even more true when you travel to a country where you don’t speak the same tongue. Luckily technology has come a long way in making the whole process easier. There literally thousands of apps, possibly hundred of thousands, that aims to help make planning travelling easier as well as speaking to others that speak a different language. Here’s a list of our favourite apps that makes travelling so much easier.


Skyscanner compares a bunch of flights from different airline providers and allows you choose the best one for the dates and times best for you. It can really help if you want to find the best deals around, if you’re on a budget. is one of the world’s most popular hotel booking websites. The mobile app provides the same thing, in a smaller handheld device. It puts the power in your hand (literally) to search through millions of hotels, villas and home-stays around the globe, and find availability. It also provide you to cancel booking with no charges at all (up to the day of your booking).

Google maps

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There’s a reason why Google continues to be on top of things. One of those reasons is because they continue to develop great applications. Google maps allows you to download maps for offline use, which is extremely useful when travelling to places where WiFi isn’t everywhere. It’s also useful when you’re mobile network isn’t on the side.

Google Trips

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Google Trips is the travel planning app from Google. Google Trips suggests places to go based on the information passed onto the search giant, and suggest places to visit. There are usually plenty of suggestions would would show based on the specific location which you are visiting.

if you use Gmail or Google Inbox, the app will retrieve all your booking information and bringing them together. this means that thr suggested places are more tailored to the individual.


Google Translate

Free for iOS and Android, Google translate is great for learning short words and phrases. The app translates phrases into more than 60 languages. It also allows you to speak phrases for 17 languages, and translate those phrases back to you. It also allows you to to type or speak your translation for about 24 languages.  There’s also support for lesser popular languages such has: like Yiddish, Czech, Tamil, Telugu and Latvian, among others.

XE currency

XE Currency. Free for iOS and Android mobile devices, is very handy for converting different currencies. This app can convert any currency you can think of it. The app also have an offline function by using the last updated rates. It can also help you understand how much you’re spending.


TripAdvisor is known as the first point of contact user reviews.the app of choice if user reviews are important to you. The app has over 500 million user reviews for hotels, restaurants, and events. Consumers can rate, review and even include photos, so if you want the full story before you decide to book something, this is the app for you.

Once you’ve waded through all those reviews, you can reserve a table, a concert, a plane ticket, all with the app.

You can also download maps, saved destinations, and reviews so that if you want to wait until you’re already there to make final decisions, you can do so without incurring roaming charges.



WhatsApp has more than a billion users, and it’s likely you’re already one of them. It’s also likely that you’ll meet others that use the popular messaging app, that connects people globally. It makes talking to back home, when you travel, so much easier. You don’t need anything else, except from a good internet connection. Having this app can help keep the conversations going of those you meet abroad and continue the ones you have back home.


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