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The past couple of months, I’ve been raving about how great TV land has been doing with so many upcoming TV shows and great currently airing shows (check this, this and this). So, I thought it was about time that shared a little bit more on what those shows currently are. In no particular order, I’ve compiled a list of the top 6 currently airing British Summertime shows that will surely suit all tastes and interests. So in no particular order, here we go:

1: Suits

Source: USA

There are not many shows that easily fly through seasons like water until they’re in season seven. Shows like Suits can practically go on forever and they can be talking about almost anything (that has something to do with lawyers), and people will still watch. Audiences do not watch shows like Suits for the compelling story lines, heck at times, it can feel like not much is happening, Or the show spend eight episodes on one case. Audiences watch it for the characters. They watch it because the writers create great characters and throw them all in a bowl and see how they react to each other. If you’re a lover of shows like The Good Wife, White Collar or Greys anatomy, then you’ll probably also love Suits. Check it out.


2: Game of thrones

source: HBO

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or completely from the world, or simply do not live in the western hemisphere, then you’ve probably heard of Games of thrones. You’ve probably heard annoying people shout about how great the show is, and how emotional it gets when people die, or find out that a character isn’t actually dead, and so on….. I’m one of those people.

The show is amazing. That name is one smart guy. His mind is on something else. The show gives you so many different genres, from suspense, romance, thriller, fantasy and nudity…lots of it. So this show will probably appeal to an older audience (over 18s). It is the sauce to your stew, the gravy for your roast, and the cherry atop your cake.


3: Insecure


My girl has been doing her thing, and the new season of insecure came back stronger than the first. This will definitely appeal to a lot more women than men as the Issa ( the main character) deals with a lot of ‘women issues’ through out the show….and race.

The show is hilarious, but at times, it can twist so fast and leaves you questioning your own life and decisions. However, you’ll probably be laughing for at least 70 percent of the show.


4: Ballers

This is for the sports fans, the Entourage and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson fans. Just like entourage, the show follows the protagonist as he goes through his personal struggles surrounded by beautiful girls, money, drugs and alcohol – all the ingredients one needs to have a mental breakdown if you have too much. Unlike Entourage, however, the show doesn’t follow the protagonist when his career is booming, rather afterwards. It follows an ageing athlete who made a lot of bad decisions when his career was booming, and mixed a lot of those dangerous ingredients (Money, women, alcohol and drugs), until he couldn’t afford that kind of lifestyle anymore. So,. to pick himself up, he attempts to help young athlete make financially better decisions – whilst his life and body semi-spirals in and out of stability.


5: The Strain

Source: FX

If you’re easily scared, you should probably stay clear of this one. The Strain, like many great TV, is based on a novel of the same name. The first three season had a group of people from different walks of life as they tried to kill ‘Th master’ to stop of the Strigoi disease – which is another form of vamperism. But as the seasons went on, the less secrete the existence of these creatures became. Personally, I thought it was going to be a little bit like the Walking Dead, but as the story progress, it seemed unlikely. It’s a good show to indulge in for the horror fans.


6: Power

Source: Starz

This list probably wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Power.. With the recent start of the fourth season, the show keeps going strong with a 93% like of Google users, 8.1 on IMBD.

Power is a crime drama that follows an ex drug dealer that moved from ‘the hood’ to a seat of power where the shows two faces to the world: one that is “ghost”, a man lives in drug underworld and St. Patrick, an honest business man with a rags to riches story.

Are there any shows that I missed out? Any recommendations? Comment below

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