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5 Places To Enjoy On A Short New York Trip

The trip to New York was shorter, than what is probably needed to be able experience all that the city had to offer. So my view is going to be highly biased in comparison to those who had more time to experience New York in full.

I visited NYC as part of a two months trip to the USA, where I spent about a week and a half in the upper east coast, including Philadelphia. I think being from London made an instant link with the big apple, but to be completely honest, there were some clear negatives about the city.


Not to bright 

On the negative side of things, I’ve never seen gentrification as obvious as it was when I walked through Manhattan, Brooklyn or the Bronx. In some parts, it was so clear that when you walked 5 minutes up the road, you’ll think you’re in a different place. And the unfortunate truth is that the less “shinier” places were filled with people of the darker skin, whereas the “nicer” places were filled with people of the fairer skin.

When I travel, I always think the best way to experience a place is through the locals’ eyes. Unfortunately, because my time was so short, I didn’t get that chance.

So here’s a few things you can do if you’re short on time, but still wish to experience what New York has to offer.


1. Empire state

I don’t think any New York guide will feel it’s complete if they didn’t mention the famous building. Personally, I was underwhelmed. It was tall and had good views, but there was nothing spectacular about it. It was just like many other brick building built-in the era that it was built-in, from the outside. On the inside, however, it was decorated with gold and paintings, with murals spreading across the walls. There are also a few restaurants on the ground floor. However, to be frank and honest, I wouldn’t recommend anyone spend the amount of money that they asked for to go into a lift just so that you could look out some Windows. As I said, underwhelmed -_-.


2. Lady liberty

Seeing the statue of liberty, however, is something that I do recommend. There are two options to view this monumental beauty. You have the option of taking a free ferry to Staten Island, which goes around the statue, or a paid alternative direct to liberty island. We took bother


3. Central Park

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Possibly the greenest place in the whole of New York, and the equivalent to Hyde Park. Central park is completely free and completely open and completely open. Occasionally, there is performance of a few artists.

4. Time Square

One of the most tourist dense locations, which you can’t miss. This is the place you hear about when people talk about the hustle and bustle of New York. Time Square is also a great place get all your souvenirs, see iconic shops like the Disney shop. I recommend seeing Time Square at night, which is when you really get to see the place light up.

5.Staten Island

You can get to Staten Island by jumping on the Staten Island ferry. Staten Island provides its own list of things to do, so you’ll probably want to save a few hours to explore this neighbouring city.

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