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December Playlist – Being Reflective

The December playlist is here. It’s that time of the year where many look back at the year and start looking onto the next. For many, it would’ve been a very eventful year. For some, they may feel that the year was a standstill and wish the next year brings better luck. Whereas others may look back with regret (don’t do that), and worry about the next year.  

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9 Places You can Travel in December

December is here and moving fast. Christmas may be around the corner, but that doesn’t have to be a reason to stop from somewhere nice. For some of us, travelling away in December can a perfect Christmas getaway before the new years. For others it’s the perfect getaway before the businesses of Christmas, and work parties and the such. whatever your reason, there’s somewhere out there for you to visit as you escape the winter chill.

Day 5 in Bali – Chill through the jungle

Bali is the only place in southeast Asia that I’ve visited – first of many.  It’s become a popular tourist destination since the release of the book “Eat, Pray, Love” and even more popular when Julia Roberts played the protagonist of the film of the same name. It’s no surprise that I fell in love with the place, filled with art, innate beauty and delicious food. With lush beaches, picturesque landscapes, lovely people and paddles of rice-fields, I didn’t struggle to find something to do on any of the days.

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November Playlist – Winter is coming


November is here and and so is the November playlist. The month is leaving as fast as it came around. I really can’t believe how fast 2017 has been. It was only last week that we came into November, and now we have another short two weeks. It feels like such a breeze and a blur. For November’s playlist it’s about slowing things right down, and just chill. This playlist could be used any occasion, whether it’s that grey and cold morning commute, or the gruelling gym session. This playlist will help with a smooth transition into December.


Fox The Gifted – Marvel’s Mutants

Fox adds The Gifted to list of Marvel shows. This past year, 2017 had definitely been the year that marvel has decided to pump as many stories into its cinematic universe, all in preparation for stage five: Infinity wars. To truly do this, it has partnered with many production companies, studios and TV stations to bring many characters to life, in cinemas, silver screens and online. Some has been great, some…. Marvel hoped that the delivery would be accepted, but I doubt that.

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November 2017 lineup for Netflix

Netflix this November has been eventful, to say the least. In October there many shows that joined and left the streaming platform. This month is no different. Unfortunately, following in the trail of Harvey Winestein’s sexual assault allegations from many women in Hollywood, another high profile individual has been exposed. House of Cards star, Kevin Spacey, has received numerous allegations of his actions from his younger days. Due to the fact that Netflix wish to distance themselves from Spacey’s bad behaviour, Netflix has announced that all productions of the show has been halted, and is this season is likely to be its last. Along with the highly successful House of Cards, other shows and films will be leaving the streaming platform. This list includes: How I Met Your Mother, Jessie, Goosebumps, Legends, Twilight,  V for Vendetta, The Matrix and more.